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Levelbest Communications Reorganization Complete
Multiple companies unite under a common brand

Monrovia, MD - August 27, 2001 --
Levelbest Communications announced today that the company's planned reorganization has been completed ahead of schedule.

Levelbest Communications was previously a wholly owned subsidiary of parent company Jiffynet Technologies, which managed a consortium of smaller web development companies including Activebits Internet Technologies and In spring of 2001, Activebits and Wakeweb were dissolved behind the Levelbest Communications brand. The final stage of the reorganization has been accomplished with the merger of the Levelbest and Jiffynet brands.

As a result of the merger, Levelbest Communications (as the company will be known) is now able to offer customers best-of-breed website development and, as a Microsoft Web Hosting Partner and Microsoft FrontPage Presence Provider, reliable web hosting.

"The benefits of bringing the two companies together will be numerous," said John Yaglenski, CEO of Levelbest Communications. "This move allows us to remain a leader in small-business web development behind a common front and great brand. Levelbest has truly become a one-stop shop to harness the information sharing power of the world-wide web. From web design to database integration to domain name registration to value priced web hosting, we've got all the bases covered. Since 1996, Jiffynet's strength has been informative, well executed content driven websites. This heritage continues on with the new Levelbest Communications"

With the reorganization, Levelbest Communications inherits the JiffyNetwork of theme park, travel and computer websites, including two of the Internet's most popular vacation travel planning websites (INTERCOT and INTERCOT West) and one of the most successful specialized web directories (WebDisney) on the Internet. The network will be re-branded as the Levelbest Network effective immediately. The combining of sites allows advertisers to effectively reach a large cross section of consumers with a single value oriented advertising buy.

"We are planning to run a dual focus with the new Levelbest," said Levelbest Communications CIO Mike Tickle. "While we look forward to developing quality next-generation web based business solutions for our clients, we also will continue to refine our content based sites in the spirit of planetary information sharing".

Levelbest Communications is headquartered in Urbana, Maryland with an office in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. For more information about Levelbest, contact us at 301.607.4707 or visit us online at


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