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Levelbest Communications presents ContestTrak... Contest Data Collection For Radio Made Easy

GERMANTOWN, Maryland (October 8, 1998)

What is ContestTrak?
ContestTrak is a web-based system where your listeners can visit and sign up for contests. This system functions as a regular website where visitors can enter their name, address, e-mail address and answer other demographic questions. Once they submit their information, it is added to a database. From this database, you can pick random winners, all with the click of the mouse button. This unique contest entry system cuts down on data entry time from faxed in, mailed in and phoned in contest entries. Studies show that an ever-increasing segment of the population is using the World Wide Web, and ContestTrak allows you to take advantage of this powerful new medium.

What Else Can It Do?
ContestTrak collects all the submitted information in a Microsoft Access database. This database can be browsed online or downloaded and used for mass mailings and statistics generation for demographics and listening habits. Levelbest Communications can develop custom Access reports that can be run from your own computer. As well, ContestTrak can be configured to produce mass electronic mailings to everyone who signs up with a valid e-mail address.

Is There Any Other Use?
Certainly. Add the SurveyTrak module and allow visitors to your site to vote on current hot topics. SurveyTrak can also be configured to collect information from online "Listener Advisory Boards" that can allow input directly from the listeners on their impression of your station. Advertise online surveys on the air and announce the results of the surveys on the air.

How Does It Work?
Okay, time for the technobabble. ContestTrak and SurveyTrak are built with Active Server Pages. This new exciting active technology is breaking down the technological limitations previously encountered on the web. The system is hosted on a web server running Windows NT Server 4.0 and can be viewed with any web browser.

What Do ContestTrak's Users Have To Say?
Here is what is being said about WYSP's web site that  Levelbest Designed and also implemented ContestTrak on ...

"WYSP's is clearly one of the best sites we've seen. It is eye-catching, clever and communicates the essence of the promotion well."

our client went on to say...

"I have to add that the database is working great. It has always been a struggle, trying to find a way to log listeners names and vital information without paying a huge fee to a database company or wasting hours having to input information. Having people enter on-line makes it so easy and efficient. Thanks for everything."

What is the Bottom Line?
ContestTrak and SurveyTrak are now available from Levelbest Communications. ContestTrak (including free installation) is $850, and you can add SurveyTrak for an additional $150.

Also, for a limited time*, Levelbest has packaged a special offer including ContestTrak, SurveyTrak, one year of NT web hosting (from Levelbest Communications parent company Jiffynet Online Services) and 5 pages** of web design for $1500***. Contact Levelbest Communications today, and have your own ContestTrak up and running in ten days or less!

For more information or to order ContestTrak or SurveyTrak today, call Levelbest Communications or visit the Levelbest website at

* This limited time offer ends December 1, 1998
** 5 pages or five hours web development work, whichever is completed first.
*** A $70 fee for domain name registration will be billed separately by Network Solutions, Inc.


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