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Forgotten Disney Booted, Finds New Home
At Intercot.Com

GERMANTOWN, Maryland (November 1, 1998)

After nearly one and a half years of dedicated service on the server, Anthony Tomassi, webmaster of Forgotten Disney: The Lost Legacy, was alerted on November 11, 1998 that all access to such pages on the netcom server was suspended immediately. The move came as a shock to the webmaster, as all actions were taken swiftly, and without warning. Tomassi, who was considering acquiring a domain name for his website at netcom has since reconsidered the move. "I am unsure now about netcom and their policies," said a despondent Tomassi on Thursday afternoon after all attempts at negotiation with netcom failed. "I believed that netcom was a business that cared about their customers and the needs those customers have. My main purpose [for using netcom] was...for this page."

A glimmer of light shone through on Thursday afternoon when Tomassi contacted fellow webmaster John Yaglenski of Intercot, requesting information on a different ISP to house the site. "This is my personal site," said Tomassi, "I use this site for the purpose of spreading the message about the current state of Disney, and especially about changes some people disagree with at Walt Disney World." Yaglenski then offered to house the page on his Intercot server, and also offered help from his webhosting company, Jiffynet ( "If it weren't for John," Tomassi said early Friday, "I do not know what I would have done." Tomassi is now considering all options for the future of the Disney site he operates.

Tomassi was genuinely apologetic on Thursday for any trouble he caused to netcom. "While I realize that recent advertising campaign's to attract visitors to the site were successful," Tomassi said, "I had no idea that they were approaching the levels netcom cited.  The fact that my roughly 800-900k site could transfer over one gigabytes of data really shocked me. I still can not believe the numbers netcom cited." And, while he believes this could have been a ploy by netcom to force him to buy one of their web hosting packages, Tomassi also realizes that, "Hey, the numbers don't lie."

Tomassi's site will continue to reside on the Intercot server indefinitely. An agreement with netcom was reached Thursday night when he was allowed to place an accessible redirect page in place of his old website. Still, Tomassi said Friday afternoon, "I can't believe that they would raise all this ruckus over a Disney website."

Forgotten Disney's new home is now loacted at


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