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Jiffynet Online Services Acquires ActiveBits Internet Technologies, Forms Levelbest Communications
GERMANTOWN, Maryland (September 15, 1998)

Jiffynet Online Services ( announced today that it has acquired ActiveBits Internet Technologies ( as a full-fledged division of its web development operation. Jiffynet Online Services is a consortium for graphic design and the advancement of HTML standards on the Internet.
John Yaglenski, CEO of Jiffynet, said, “The synergies between the companies are fantastic. It will allow each of us to focus on our strengths and bring a better product to the consumer. ActiveBits has always been on the forefront of active web design. We're very pleased to have them join us as part of the Jiffynet family”
Jiffynet Online maintains several websites, including the popular INTERCOT (, which is a website dedicated to Walt Disney World. INTERCOT attracts over 10,000 visitors per week visitors per week and more than 100,000 page views per week. “The acquisition of ActiveBits will allow Jiffynet to place its websites among the Internet’s finest by adding active content and user customization,” said Yaglenski.
ActiveBits, based in Wake Forest, N.C., had its early beginnings as a twice-monthly column about active web design, and recently expanded to an entire website and a development platform for methods of deploying active content to web-based applications. Mike Tickle, administrator of ActiveBits said that the acquisition “will benefit both operations. Jiffynet has great marketing power and an established presence on the World Wide Web and it pleases me greatly that I will be able to tap into that power.”
Both companies will conduct business as “Levelbest Communications” and each will continue to maintain their respective websites.


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