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Jiffynet Online named VeriSign Web Host Partner,
Provides Complete E-Commerce Solutions


Everyone is eager to conduct electronic transactions on the Internet. Consumers like the convenience and merchants like the increased sales. The technology to conduct electronic commerce is now in place. There's just one problem. Trust.

It's a simple fact that Web users won't transact business on your Web site if they can't be certain that it's secure. They need to know -- absolutely and positively -- that your business is real, and they need to be assured that their communications with you will be private. You, at the same time, need to protect your data and your business against disputed sales or someone "spoofing" your site and taking away your customers. Jiffynet Online can now provide you with the VeriSign solution… the VeriSign Secure Server ID. With one call to Jiffynet Online, you can enroll for a Secure Server ID to enable secure communications with your customers through the use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology -- the standard for secure communications on the Web.

VeriSign offers the combination of rigorous practices for controlling the issuance of Digital IDs, leading-edge cryptographic techniques, and ultra-secure facilities to give you complete confidence in their solution. That's why more than 35,000 Web sites in more than 50 countries are already using Secure Server IDs for their Web sites.

Combined with cost effective hosting from Jiffynet, and web design from Levelbest Communications (a Jiffynet company) the VeriSign Secure Server ID completes a total e-commerce solution for your company.

So, do the one thing that can really help your customers and help your business. Visit the Jiffynet Online Web site at or call 301-972-2526 and register for your VeriSign Secure Server ID today. 


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